About the product

The MotoJeans is representative of the Turkish brand BIKER JEANS for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. BIKER JEANS is a company specializing in the design and fabrication of clothing and accessories for motorcycle riders.

Due to the specifics of this kind of occupation, an innovative approach in the preparation of the products is necessary.

A special kind of jeans fabric is being chosen, that is thicker than the fabric for plain jeans. The density of 13 ounces is one of the highest in the world for such fabrics.



The design and the cuts are assigned to leading manufacturers of jeanswear. They apply the modern design and implement the reinforced double stitch to guarantee the robustness and reliability of the products.

Specially designed pockets on the knees and hips areas are adapted for standard protectors.


Nano-technology processing of the fabric protects the products from dirt and makes them water resistant.  


Introduced for the first time in this type of products is the second layer of para-aramid. Para-aramid is better known by its trade name KEVLARKevlar is used to make armored vests in the police force. It is this layer that ensures that wearing the jeans is more secure for different injuries such as sliding, getting pierced and getting burned.


A 100% breathable and made from cotton lining is used that absorbs sweat and creates comfort during long journeys.


To avoid discomfort in the knees area and getting the pants pulled off from the waist while seating, specially designed elements are sewed up that take up the linear extensions imposed by the position of the biker's body.


In summary, the products offered by BIKER JEANS cover all the requirements for comfort and safety in riding.

Adding modern design to the models, it makes them an indispensable attribute of the modern biker!